Cowgirl Hospitality Group started off as a small, independent restaurant named Cowgirl Kitchen… a little sandwich shop in Seagrove Beach, Florida. The concept began simply as a fun way to find something to do at the beach, then morphed into a bigger than life passion for casual food and big appetites!

If we had any aspirations at that time, it was to hang out at a table with friends, order some good food and wine, and talk about the sunset or the family that is coming to town. It was really our founder, Nikki Nickerson, the eternal entrepreneur, who dipped her toe into something she loved and turned it into an all-out career and life.

The restaurant business is basically a runaway train on most days; serving up chaos, mechanical breakdowns, and financial woes. The dream is big and our favorite tasks are the daily goals of making people happy and seeing that simple smile served up when a biscuit with piping hot pimento cheese is delivered.

Everything we do on Scenic 30A and beyond can be attributed to our team of awesome leaders, from dishwashers to servers, to amazing chefs and managers. We focus on doing the little things right, having fun, and embracing what is important in life – each other.

Our community is our strength, our friends we see when the doors open daily, our homeowners that return season after season who each lay claim to a seat at the bar. We know that our success comes from giving and smiling and embracing the love.

Forever in gratitude for the ability to do something we love, we look forward to seeing you at one of our locations soon, and often.

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